At Patchworx Family Chiropractic, our goal is to provide affordable, quality care. While we treat car accidents, low back pain, and other injuries, we believe that chiropractic works best when it is a consistent part of your lifestyle. Therefore, we offer affordable memberships that give you unlimited flexibility each month based on your needs. Best of all, our memberships don’t require insurance or unnecessary registration and cancellation fees!

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment to address every aspect of your nervous system. Your nervous system is controlled by your brain and runs through your spine to create and receive messages to other parts of your body. When messages can’t be received or there is miscommunication from your brain and body, chiropractic can be used to restore that communication and allow your brain and body to function at its highest level.

Our clinic offers monthly memberships so that you and your family can come in and focus on your health and not your wallet. Our flexible memberships take the awkwardness out of exchange for services and put you, our member, at the front and center. That makes budgeting, scheduling, and dropping in easy. Our goal is also to make chiropractic care a family affair! Whether it’s germs, falls on the playground or a better night’s sleep for everyone, chiropractic helps resolve concerns for your entire family. That’s what our memberships are here for- you can utilize our care as much or as little as you like week to week.